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About UCB In Europe

Over 30 years ago UCB began broadcasting from studios on The Isle of Man for four hours each night. Looking back on that today we can see it was a wonderful example of God’s grace to UCB. Now UCB’s European region has stations in Estonia, Denmark, France, England, Portugal, and Ireland.  UCB Europe is also developing relationships with broadcasters and distributors of the devotional The Word For Today in Spain, Poland, Croatia, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, and Holland.

We are excited as more and more European countries are connecting with UCB everyday to help build this media mission. With UCB UK’s recent move onto the digital platform across vast populations of the UK and UCB Ireland’s projected move onto digital (DAB), this area is one of the fastest growing regions within the UCB group.

If you’re a broadcaster interested in what UCB is doing in Europe and have a question or comment please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

David L’Herroux
Regional Director of Europe and CEO of UCB UK

David L'Herroux

Regional Director of Europe and CEO of UCB UK