Global Media

Today people are looking globally for answers. The world is on our doorstep and UCB is part of the global media that can bring information and entertainment to your home.


It’s all about the right message at the right time for you. Through the available media methods and languages UCB wants to bring the Gospel message to the world.




Radio has often been described as ‘the Theatre of the Mind’.

Since the early days of radio the airwaves have been used to bring music and news into our homes. Many have gathered around the ‘wireless’ in times of tragedy and triumph to find solace, solidarity and direction. It was natural for evangelists to see the value in reaching the masses through the radio. Many names like Billy Graham have used this method but it was Robert R. Brown who initially sceptical, exclaimed “unction can be transmitted” when he heard that a listener had been converted.

Today we travel with radio in every facet of life, rising to the radio alarm in our bedroom before heading to the shops then the picnic and all in our cars, trains and buses. The mobility of radio has kept it an integral part of life’s communications spectrum. The simplicity of the radio receiver has meant it is an easy device to manufacturer and distribute across nations and classes to enable the same message to be heard by the poor and the rich. In times of need we all can hear the timeless message of the Gospel via radio.

UCB has its foundations firmly based in the radio media. Now the challenge of meeting a finer focus in each market and demographic has meant that radio is more of a narrowcast medium than broadcast. Where possible UCB works to ensure demographics, languages and cultures receive the same Good News in their context. The life of the radio style audio message is still alive via on-line channels like streaming and podcasts. The challenge now is to ensure new generations know where to find the answer on-line.


Television impacts the senses and transmits both information and emotion.

While television has been a part of our daily lives for the last 50 years, there is now a reshaping of the television format, delivering content into more spaces and across geographic boundaries. While the power of television hasn’t changed much over the years its reach has grown as the affordability of the television set made it an essential part of the home and then the medium grew again as personalised channels meant homes demanded more sets to meet the generational and niche needs of viewers. While the use of television as a method for telling the Gospel story has been in place for a number of decades, UCB’s move into this arena has been more recent. With doors opened in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Indonesia and now America, UCB’s television ministry has begun on a strong footing.

While these stations, broadcasting their programming via satellite, terrestrial and cable transmissions, are providing effective ministry in these countries, we are aware that the need to spread the gospel message and encourage disciples is a more wide spread need. With a big vision in sight we now reach out to grab hold of the new technology opportunities that will see UCB involved in ‘television’ that suits the mobile and computer based internet appliances of the future.

So what is unique about the television channels and content that UCB broadcasts? Taking a different perspective from traditional Christian television that simply broadcasts sermon after sermon, UCB endeavours to programme content that meets the whole family viewing experience. The channel or content should be safe place from the bizarre and ridiculous while providing content that grows a person or family in their faith through encouragement, teaching and daily challenge.

Now television is on the cusp of a new generation of visual media with on demand services, IPTV and web streaming. Our strategy is to embrace the new distribution channels with the same high quality programming that makes UCB a standard for a quality television experience.